Niche Why Great Leaders INNOVATE

Since we live in a world, which is constantly changing and/ or evolving, doesn’t it make sense, for leaders to be prepared, ready, and acquire the tools, assets, and necessities, required to bring their organizations forward, in a relevant, sustainable manner? This means it’s not enough to maintain the status quo, behaving as a caretaker, rather than leading! One cannot merely be satisfied with pursuing the same – old, same – old ways, techniques, and results, because times change, and so do needs, priorities and concerns! Unfortunately, one of the most overlooked qualities of being a true leader, is innovation, in order to make tweaks, adapt as needed, and have the best plan to follow. Let’s review why leaders must INNOVATE.1. Ideas; issues; identify; institute; intuition: There are times when a leader must rely on his gut, and must have developed the intuition and instincts, to differentiate between facts and opinions, priorities and pettiness, and needs versus wishes! One is not a genuine leader unless he possesses valuable ideas, which addresses priority issues. He must identify and pursue the best options, and, then, take the best available course of action, in a timely manner.

2. Needs: Truly leading is all about identifying, addressing, and pursuing a solution, which addresses needs, concerns and priorities!3. Niche: You must be able and willing to realize and understand, every group is unique, in certain ways/ aspects. It takes quality innovation to recognize and appreciate this niche, and then create solutions and programs, which enhance it, and broaden acceptance and understanding!4. Options; opinions; opportunities: Recognize your options, and carefully evaluate them, including their ramifications and/ or limitations! Be certain your perceived facts are not merely biases or opinions! Be ready and prepared to identify and choose the best opportunities, which might present themselves, or, make your own opportunity.5. Values; vision; value: Never sacrifice your (or your group’s) values, for the sake of expediency! Proceed with a clear vision of your goals, priorities, rationale, reasons and options, and find the best course of action! The purpose of real leaders is to enhance the actual, as well as perceived value, of the organization he serves and represents!6. Attitude; aptitude; attention; achieve: One must maintain a positive, can – do attitude, as well as the self – belief and self – confidence, winners need! Enhance your skills and assets, so you improve your aptitude, and proceed to the best of these abilities! Pay close attention to details, ramifications, and options, and be certain to never limit your possibilities! Achieve by being willing to innovate, rather than hiding in your self – limiting, comfort zone!

7. Timely: There is no place for procrastination, in effective leadership! Proceed, by taking timely, well – consider, possibility – oriented action!8. Empathetic; excellence: Being a leader, must never be about you, or your personal agenda, but, rather, the best way yo serve your constituents! Listen, learn and be an empathetic leader. Seek excellence, rather than accepting good – enough!The status quo must never become the goal (or norm) of leadership! Great leaders realize, it is necessary to INNOVATE!